Carron Net Super Pro - Volleyball Net


The Carron Net Super Pro is a 9.75mm x 1 meter net with extra strong #36 nylon flexabar treated netting with white Herculite top and bottom bindings, wooden dowels for end pockets, 8 grommets and strong nylon tie cords. 41' x 1/4' Kevlar top rope and 38' braided nylon bottom rope.

A Just Volleyball customer purchased these nets and found out the nets measured around 42" in width and had to return them because the Tandem Sport antennae would not attach properly. Carron Net will not take the nets back and replace them, stating they are out of warranty. Just Volleyball will sell these last 4 nets "as is" and cut the price, $194.95 in half to $97.48. If you do not use antennas the only issue will be attaching the bottom cable lower. If you use a 36" and/or 39" antenna that is similar to the Tandem Sport antennae they will not work with these nets. Velcro strap antennas might work.

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  • Model: N-56
  • Shipping Weight: 9.75lbs
  • Manufactured by: Carron


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