Just Volleyball Update

2020 marks the 37th year for Just Volleyball. 

www.JustVolleyballStore.com was one of the ways to place an order with Just Volleyball. The site will no longer accept online orders.  Now Just Volleyball will take orders, supply price quotes and answer questions by phone, email or mail. Orders placed through email will ask for information to complete your order and a phone call will confirm your order.  Credit and purchase cards will no longer be accepted for payment.

Just Volleyball sells Tachikara, Senoh Products, Molten, ASICS, Spalding and more.  A list of models is listed below. 

Just Volleyball will do everything to fulfill your order promptly. 

School Purchase Orders with Net 30 terms still apply. 

The fax number and P.O. Box Just Volleyball used are no longer available.  

Please contact us by phone at (408) 738-4500  or shop@justvolleyballstore.com or by mail.   

David Hirose
Just Volleyball
1303 Lillian Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
United States

The address above is a mailing address only.  Just Volleyball does not sell directly to the public. 

Featured Product

SENOH CRANK HANDLE CH2 for ratchet from Just Volleyball.


Product List

Tachikara Volleyballs: SV-5W (4 models)...NJCAA...SV-5WSC (42 models)...SV-5WS...SV-MN...SV-MNC (14 models) 

The SETTER... SV12 Rubber... VB7500 (2 outdoor models)...Toy White or Pink Volleyball (3-Pak)


Molten Volleyballs: V5M5000 (2 models)...Men's NCAA...Pro Touch (Red/White/Blue)...Super Touch (7 models)...Women's NCAA...VB-U12 (6 models)...BV5000 (3 outdoor models) 

Spalding TF-VB5 (White) 

ASICS Kneepads: ACE...Competition 2.0...Junior Slider (Black,White)...Junior GEL (White)  

Tachikara Ball Carts: DS-1 (Black Only)...BIK-SP...BC HAM (Black,Royal,Scarlet,Navy) 

Tachikara Ball Cart Replacement Basket/Carry Bag for BIK-SP, BC HAM (Black,Royal,Scarlet,Navy) 

Tachikara TV6 Volleyball Bag (6 ball bag, 7 colors)...Large Black Ball Bag... TMB White Mesh Ball Bag 

Molten Ball Cart: BKH Hammock Cart...Hammock Carry Bag (sold seperately) (Black,Blue,Red) 

Molten Black MVB Volleyball 6 ball bag 

Senoh Crank Handle CH2 $29.99...Senoh Net-Lock Tightener (Pair) 

Volleyball Nets: Senoh Net HM50...Carron Net Super Pro...Tachikara CV-Net...REC.Net 

Tandem Sport Antennae (Pair) 

ASICS Knee-High and Extra-Long Knee-High Socks 3-Pak (Black, White)  

Active Ankle (2 Medium, 4 Large White, 4 Large Black) 

Jumpsoles (Sizes available Large and X-Large) 

Vincere Sand Socks (Limited sizes and colors) (Black,White,Blue Lightning) 

Pat Powers' Gold Medal Volleyball DVD 

Volleyball Pal 

Tachikara VB-Clipboard 

Tandem Sport Rotation Locator 

Linesman Flags: Tandem Sport 4 Flags...Tachikara 2 Flags 

Deluxe Score Flipper (1-99) 

Ice Cold Therapy Wrap 

Pocket Pump (Black) 

Volleyball Photo Album (White Volleyball Cover) 

Park and Sun Spectrum 2000 Outdoor Portable Net System (Blue,Yellow,Orange net color)...Sand Kit Conversion Kit (sold seperately)